Real XHTML 2.0

This is real XHTML 2.0:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- Here's a good place to put a comment. -->
<TITLE>Structural Example</TITLE>
<H1>First Header</H1>
<P>This is a paragraph in the example HTML file. Keep in mind
that the title does not appear in the document text, but that
the header (defined by H1) does.</P>
  <LI>First item in an ordered list.</LI>
  <LI>Second item in an ordered list.</LI>
    <LI> Note that lists can be nested;</LI>
    <LI> Whitespace may be used to assist in reading the
    HTML source.</LI>
  <LI>Third item in an ordered list.</LI>
<P>This is an additional paragraph. Technically, end tags are
not required for paragraphs, although they are allowed. You can
include character highlighting in a paragraph. <EM>This sentence
of the paragraph is emphasized.</EM> <!--Note that the &lt;/P&gt;
end tag has been omitted-->.</P>
<IMG SRC="triangle.xbm" alt="Warning: "/>
Be sure to read these <B>bold instructions</B>.</P>

MapQuest Google Bomb

MapQuestI think it is unfortunate that “MapQuest” has in large part become the generic term for online mapping. If someone who is Internet-illiterate is told to “MapQuest an address” they will likely end up at instead of using a more advanced mapping service such as, especially, Google Maps. So let’s Google Bomb the term “MapQuest“!

Updated Site

I’ve finally put together my website. I’ll be posting thoughts on this blog from time to time, mostly about web development, but also about culture, cycling, and life in Portland. This code on this site is XHTML5; it’s my first draft of the theme, so I’ll be making improvements over time. I also want to integrate my shared items from Google Reader, and my Tweets.

I’ve been working on some exciting things at Shepherd Interactive, and I’m looking forward to sharing about them here. I need to figure out a better way of listing the projects I’m working on, and order/filter them in meaningful ways.

Looking forward to sharing the Web with you.