Whenever weather is good, I come here to Mount Tabor.

After hellish wildfire smoke, Portland's blue skies are back.

I ran 3+ miles (5km) on trails all over Mount Tabor. 🏃‍♂️

I started at Mount Tabor's infamous stairs with 282 steps.

On my way up!

Climbed the first set of steps.

The second set of steps.

Looking east. Views from the top never disappoint!

5x Walking Timelapse

Looking west through the trees

Wooded hiking trails

Reservoir #5 Pump House

Reservoir #5

Parkgoers enjoying the sun

More wooded hiking trails

Reservoir #5

Reservoir #6



Reservoir #6





Winding roads

Mount Hood with other buttes in foreground

Beautiful end to the first weekend of fall.

Next time you're in Portland, visit Mount Tabor Park!