Googler 🔨 @AMPhtml, PWA, & open web; @WordPress core team; @xwp alum. Daddy² & husband. Go by 🏃🏻🚴🏻🚌🚈 Philologist & hispanohablante [ˈwɛsˌtn̩ ˈɹuːˌɾɚ]

Hi, I’m Weston Ruter [ˈwɛsˌtn̩ ˈɹuːˌɾɚ]. I’m a Googler working in the web content ecosystem team on content experience. We do a lot of work with AMP and bringing progressive capabilities to WordPress, like PWA. Currently I’m working a plot on the official AMP plugin and the PWA feature plugin. I’m a committer for the WordPress project, I co-lead the 4.9 release, and I’ve been a heavy contributor for the Customizer component. Before Google I worked at XWP.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife and two boys. I like running, biking, public transit, linguistics, estudiar español, space exploration, Christian theology, and listening to NPR.