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During the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris today, Jennifer Lopez performed “This Land Is Your Land”. I usually watch everything with closed captions turned on so I don’t miss anything, but if I didn’t speak Spanish the subtitles wouldn’t have helped. During her performance the subtitles included something truly ironic. […]

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“Old” Mainly Linguistics Stuff from College Days

This morning I got inspired to go over some relatively old stuff that I worked on in college. There are several linguistics projects that I think are pretty interesting (the first three especially): Phonological Analysis of a Second Language Arabic Phonemes Represented by the Spanish Letter “J” Indo-European Cognates in Psalm 23 and the Beatitudes […]

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Open Scriptures at BibleTech

(This post has been cross-posted on the Open Scriptures blog.) For the past several years, I’ve been dreaming about an open source community-driven Web application for Scripture. In the past few months, things have really been kicking into high gear. At BibleTech:2009 I’m presenting the project in the talk Open Scriptures: Picking Up the Mantle […]