Programming Languages I’ve Learned In Order

Update: See also list on MY TECHNE.

What follows are the programming languages I’ve learned in the order of learning them; their relative importance is marked up with big, and small indicates I didn’t fully learn or actually use the language.

  1. Perl 5
  2. JavaScript / ECMAScript
  3. PHP 4 & 5
  4. SQL
  5. Visual Basic 6
  6. Java
  7. Classic ASP: VBScript & JScript
  8. (Visual) C/C++
  9. XSLT
  10. Ruby
  11. Python (I expect/hope that this will supplant PHP in the next couple years, getting an extra big or two.)

While Python is now my server-side language of choice, I would be much happier to use JavaScript end-to-end. Thanks to the CommonJS initiative, this is becoming a reality.

Not included in the list above are markup languages and other related technologies: (X)HTML 4 & 5, XML, CSS, DOM, RSS, Atom, RDF, XML Schema, XPath, JSON, JSON/XML-RPC, SVG, VML, OSIS, iCal, Microformats, MathML, etc.

Idea via and prompted by James Tauber, via Dougal Matthews.

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In order by when learned (oldest first), how much I like them and links for the youngsters.

  1. Basic (no opinion)
  2. Pascal (like)
  3. DCL (put up with)
  4. AWK (put up with)
  5. C (like++)
  6. C++ (like)
  7. Perl (dislike)
  8. Prolog (really, really, really hate)
  9. Smalltalk (hate)
  10. PHP (like)
  11. JS (hate)
  12. Ruby (like++)

Here’s my list:

1. Basic (high school, like it, because didn’t know another one)
2. Fortran (freshman year college, helped a clueless but cute girl who started to program the night before it was due)
3. Pascal (dropped the course)
4. C (first job, out of college, like it)
5. C++ (like even more than C)
6. Java (like equally to C++)
7. JavaScript, HTML around 2001 (too much copying snippets, hated it)
8. C# 1 (why bother, inferior than Java)
9. C# 2 (ok, slightly “better” than Java, so what)
10. Python (like it more than Java and C++)
11. JavaScript, HTML, CSS around 2006 till now (ajax, re-learn and totally love it)
12. C# 3 (lambda, LINQ, anonymous type, etc, totally love it)

Here is mine:
Visual Fox pRO
Pascal(Like and first jobs)
HTML, CSS and Javascript(currently on html5 and css3)
C(the powerfull)
PHP(My favorite for 5 years)
python(My current job and the most awesome i have know)

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