Easily turn any webcam image into video on an OS X Dashboard widget

I have a few webcams on my network which I can access via URLs like Here’s a handy little bookmarklet (pagelet?) which allows you to turn any such webcam URL into live video (here, 1 fps):

data:text/html,<img src="" onload="var img = this; setTimeout( function(){ img.src = img.src; }, 1000 )">

Paste this  data:  URL into Safari and then turn it into a Dashboard widget via File > Open in Dashboard. Now you have a video Dashboard widget for your webcam! (Of course you could create a standalone HTML page and load it instead, but data: URLs are cooler and easier!)

WARNING: This could get interpreted as a Denial of Service (DOS) attack if you point this at a URL on a public web server. So it’s best to only do this for cameras on your local network.

Of course, if your camera supports MJPEG aka server-push (multipart/x-mixed-replace), you should just reference that MJPEG URL directly without any such code above.

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