“Building with JavaScript in the Customizer” at WCUS 2017

At WordCamp US 2017 I gave a talk on “Building with JavaScript in the Customizer”. I was happy to have the opportunity to share the technical details on the Customizer’s architecture and JavaScript API, which saw many improvements in 4.9, in addition to being able to share the Customizer’s new user-facing features during State of the Word.

The video has been posted on

Some photos taken during my talk:

Here are the slides:

I want to convert the talk into a series of blog posts to dig into more of the details and provide more examples, but I probably won’t get to that until 2018.

One reply on ““Building with JavaScript in the Customizer” at WCUS 2017”

Thank you for this presentation.
One thing that is still unclear to me is the relationship between a control and the HTML element itself. If you want to add data or javascript functionality to the control, is that already built-in somehow or is there a logical way to do that? Mostly I’m thinking of controls that don’t represent a single setting, but would be an action button or something that affects a lot of other controls such as a preset.

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